Art is something
to share

Many define an artist starting from skills, experience, innovation. All correct, but those we truly call artists have also a particular talent: empathy.

Art is something to share!

Hip Hop was born to be a lifestyle, a community with no boundaries and, since the beginning, this assumption has lead us into the choice of our guests artists.

Talent, charism, creativity are all very important to define the greatness of an artist but there’s one skill that we have always considered as crucial: an open and wide “vision” of dance.

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Our guests are artists that make no difference from teacher to students. They belong to dance, they search for a contact, they have an innate attitude to share their knowledge with passion and empathy.

Of course, our research starts from the best of the international scene, but one of the things that we love most is scouting new artists in order to give them the opportunity to show all their own unexpressed potential, as well as, some of our best students have became Hyper Week teacher themselves.