Archie Burnett

He started dancing when he was only 3 years old in his mother’s living room in front of the TV. Raised in a strict family in Brooklyn, New York, he more than often found that his desire for dancing would cause major conflict in his upbringing, yet the call was destiny.

He first saw Vogue in 1981 when he was walking through Washington Square Park after he came out of one of the underground clubs: he got intrigued immediately by this style and by those dancers.

He became a Master of his styles, dancing them for well over 40 years and keep teaching and performing worldwide, between Europe, America and Asia.

He is always travelling around the world to spread his vision of Vogue, Waacking and Hustle, as one of the major experts in these styles.

He is the first Father (Grandfather now) of the HOUSE OF NINJA, the house created by beloved ICON Willi NINJA.

His figure remains one of the most recognised in Vogue and Waacking scenes, bringing an incredible knowledge to every class. His way of teaching let students grow and share in a completely free way, remembering the importance of musicality and personality.

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