Bruce Ykanji

Born in Paris in 1976, Bruce Ykanji Sone started dancing hiphop in Cameroon at the age of 8. His love for dancing started when watching a VHS tape featuring Smurf dancers.

After moving from Cameroon to France, Bruce joined his first dance crew called “T Connection” in 1987. He was then coached by Manu N’Guyen and Nicolas Bique (a.k.a “Key Bee”) from TKS (“The Kriminal Starz”).

Bruce made his first real debut dancing for famous french rapper MC Solaar in 1997, and UK R&B group Mis-teeq in 2004. In 1998, he joined the “Ykanji Crew” with which he performed all around the world.

In 2000, he joined the famous french musical entitled “Les Dix Commandements” (“The Ten Commandements”) and helped the choreography.

In 2002, he launched a new street dance event called “Juste Debout” (“Just Standing”) and became the choreographer of “Urban Peace” (known as one of the most popular event in Hiphop).

Today, besides performing and running dance shows, Bruce is teaching workshops in France, Italy, Japan, and Germany.

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