Project Just Dance

“Nomen Omen”, said the Latins: name is the destiny. To us, PJD means: no compromises, no misunderstandings; just passion, just dance!

PJD (Project Just Dance) born in 2000 by the great passion for Hip Hop culture and dance of its firsts founders.

PJD mission is try to get the best of each of us as dancers, artists, professionals  Hip Hop as well as persons.

It has created events from stages/workshop, contests to big reality as “American Camp” or “Hyper Week” where the confront with the best teachers and dancers from all over the world let us have the continuous and best update!

PJD is an organization whose aim is:

• Give to the young dancers the opportunity to study, practice and improve in hip hop dance with the best teachers and professional dancers in all the world at the best price.

• Give chance to the young guys in the field of hip hop dance.

We do that through a circuit of Hip Hop events and schools (Professional Schools, Campus, Contests, Workshops, Dancer’s Tours, Dance Agency…).


What really sets PJD in organizing these events is to create opportunities for all dancers to meet the best hip hop professional dancers and artists from every corner in the world.

The students/dancers have the opportunity to study techniques that distinguish the various styles of Hip Hop and its culture and above all to get in touch with the deep humanity and skills that characterize these great professional teachers….

What really differentiates PJD from other associations is that Cristina Gallesi, the technical-artistic and educating manager, has chosen the teachers focusing her research towards great and positive example of life for young people.
PJD teachers are chosen in the world of professional dancers and they must be both the best performers in the world, but also great life examples for young dancers, with high educational values to teach and transmit.


PJD believes that through the study of Hip Hop (both dance and culture) the young surely develop a deep knowledge and educational experience because Hip Hop is a multiethnic culture rooted in healthier value that are the same for all people and companies in the world.

The young students, joined and linked each others by the great passion for dance, will meet the different faces of hip hop culture, traditions (music, language, expression, religious), lifestyles, etc. from Japan as well as from Morocco… from Brazil as well as from China to Africa to Eastern Europe.

Our circuit is without doubt a very great experience that permits to the teachers and students to grow together in a strong relationship focused in respect and skills and it’s surely a great school of life.

Teachers, as well as professional dancers, are the heart of French Vibes, and they have a big but also great great responsibility towards children and the same PJD: grow the young students/dancers both in technical and artistic point but also from a point of view of education!

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