Lil Gbb

He has been passionated about dance since his young age, when he saw for the first time Micheal Jackson in concert. He immediately began to mimic his exact movements and choreography and has been non-stop ever since.

He was able to perform for many artists and from this experience he travels around the world and he is able to share more than ten years of experience now.

He has gained credibility and recognition in the Dancehall movement as well as in the arts community: He won in 2012 the title of Dancehall King France and in 2013 the one of Dancehall King Europe.

His dance and his style are influenced by Hip Hop, Dancehall, Ndombolo, Soukouss, Coupé Décalé and Antilles music. By performing in numerous shows and music videos he formed his own unique style, which blends energy, flexibility, technique, flow thanks also to his different dance influences.

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