Hyper Week 

This year event:

July 21-28 in Catania


Living together, sharing emotions, breathing the passion for Hip Hop philosophy, in a very unique experience: this is Hyper Week!

“Hyper Week Hip Hop Camp” is the best example of what PJD organization wants to be for Hip Hop community all over the world.

Hyper Week Camp, having the aim of a deeper technical, stylistic and artistic training, wants most of all give the chance to dancers and students to express their human side in whole ways: before being a dancer we’re human beings!


Actually what make so special Hyper Week Camp is the personal relationships that are created between teachers and students. For once, the dancers/students have the opportunity to live with their idols, they lose the awe for them and for the whole time of the week they can talk, argue, laugh, joke, eat, sleep and of course dance and play anywhere, anytime all together!

The daily classes included in the program are actually just moments of inspiration but the true training starts outside, in a free way or in cypers, the lecture where dancers and students are going on together in the exchanges, sharing experiences, knowledge.

Teachers/educators become our partners, accomplices as well as our mentors, they are always there for us to support and help us grow as dancers but also as people through their expertise, advices, experiences of life.

Main Purpose

Our society is characterized by an attitude of extreme individualism where finding space and time even in the Hip Hop world is really hard. 

Hyper week is a moment of passion, dance, holiday only for us, a moment where the artist that lies in anyone of us express his greatness, humanity and genius, technical skills and styling attitude. 

All dancers, teachers, guests and students will live a whole week deep in a unique hip hop atmosphere, the magic hyper week atmosphere where dancers coming from all over the world will be a one big family just after few hours they enter in the camp.


Hyper Week Hip Hop Camp takes place on the sea side of Catania, in Sicily, as the combination of two different, charming locations.

Villaggio La Cucaracha

An international holiday village with Bungalows where the teachers, the Hyper Week team and the students live together experiencing the Hip Hop community life style, in a mix of fun and chill  just on the beach.

Inside the Cucaracha village there’s the afro bar, one of the biggest and renowned Dance club of the whole island.

Lido Jolly Coccoloba

Lido Jolly is a seaside area equipped with three large rooms to house the courses and the swimming pool where we usually have our famous pool party. Lido Jolly is, also the place where you can spend your free time, lying down on the beach or taking a swim in the amazing sicilian sea.

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