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Alex started dancing in july 2009. Chris aka Baloo has taught him all the basics to be able to find his own way and his own style. In 2010, he joined a group calle “The Cage” and traveled many times to be able to discover the world of dance.

In 2011, he entered the Legion X group as Junior and won his first big event called “Cercle Underground” with his partner Charmant and Junbox ( also went by the same group). From then on, he continued to travel and learn more in realtion to dance. With the guidance of Legionaires, his group and many entities of Hip Hop, he won a lot of experience.

In 2013, he won another event named SDK  and it was for him the boost to travel further, teach and explain his view of dance.

Knowing as “New generation dancer”, Alex’s style is inspired with many other dance like House Dance, Popping, Contemporany.

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