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About us - PJD

About us - PJD


CRISTINA GALLESI  Founder – PJD President

Anna 2

ANNA BEVZA Founder – PJD Vice president


MICHAEL LAMARRE Niako  Founder – PJD Art Director


VERONICA CODURRI Founder – PJD Secretary responsible

Alice 2

ALICE CIMORONI Founder – PJD Project manager 

Ele 2

ELEONORA PACINI Founder – PJD Project manager


MORRIS MAFFEIS – PJD Official photographer/ videomaker

PATRICK – HW Project Manager

ALEX & ANASTASIYA – HW team & Responsibles for Baltic area 

 HW Staff: Alice stoppa, Ester De Battisti, Kevin Costa, Bianca Lupea, Mirko Iori


International PJD (Project Just Dance) is an Association that was born thanks to great passion for Hip Hop dance and culture of its first founder and president Cristina Gallesi and other charter members. PJD’s mission is to bring out from each of its members the best of their selves by improving their technical, artistic and expressive skills during the events, organized by the same organisation, with the best tutors  from the world-wide Hip Hop scene.

Before the Internet and social networks era it was not so easy to know news from abroad and to follow foreigner dancers rather than the Hip Hop development in the world. It was because of this that PJD felt the need to bring the Hip Hop spokespeople from beyond the Alps and the overseas countries to Italy by organizing some small events, training and sharing workshops  that over the years would have been become the two main events yearly organized by the Association : “American Camp” and “Hyper Week”.


PJD places great emphasis to the concept of education, from Latin the verb “e-ducere” means “to lead, to free”.

Each artist/teacher chosen by PJD as tutor during its events has the duty to EDUCATE dancers  from both  artistic, human and cultural side.  Another of tutors’ purposes is to motivate and to push the students  to share and enjoy their own art and skills with the community.

PJD is very selective  when chooses its tutors, guest partners and supporters.


Since the beginning PJD’s main effort has been to knock down the walls that divide the dance/Hip hop community in its endless parts and to push dancers to open their mind towards all styles, techniques and their world-wide development without any type of prejudice.

TRAINING TOOLS: development of the technical foundations of each styles and motions (Pop, Lock, House, Break etc.). Music, musicality and flow applied to the body motility. Different training levels. Build your dance concept (by the original idea of Niako, one of the chapter members.)


In accordance to its principles PJD is open to collaborate with other organisations and events that have the same view of the Hip Hop world. 

For more than 15 years in the field PJD is ready to assist whoever fledgling in organizing events by helping them to contact national and international teachers, choreographers and dancers and to provide them other advice and artistic directions.