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When he was a little boy, He started to dance in the streets of Brazil, where dance is really a way of life. 🌎
He got inspired by Capoeira and social dances that led him to try B-Boying.

He grew his dance taking inspiration from all the styles he met, creating his very own style.
His approach to Breaking is energetic: He uses his physicality and strenght to involve crazy jumps and blitz speed movements in his performances. 💪🏻
He won a huge number of international competitions, such as Red Bull BC one, World B-Boy classic and Ultimate BBoy Championship, that made him one of the best and recognised dancer in the world. 🙏🏻

The most incredible part of his dance is versatility, getting inspired by other styles is his key: He express himself with dance, by connecting is huge knowledge of House, Breaking and Capoeira. 😎






21 / 28 Jul 2019



Lido Jolly - Villaggio La Plaja - Catania