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Flaminia Genoese


Flaminia is an international dancer and choreographer known for her artistic originality. She based her knowledge and competence on professional dance studies: modern, jazz, contemporary and hip hop since its foundations to the newest one. She studied in Italy and in LA. In 2011 she started to teach out of Italy: she is the first Italian woman to have the opportunity to teach at Movement Lifestyle in Los Angeles. From that moment she kept on teaching and traveling in Italy and in some European capital cities. In 2015 she entered the Black Light Society, lead by Tony Tzar.

She is the assistant to the artistic director of Shaun Evaristo, founder of the Movement Lifestyle in LA; she worked with him and Luham in Beijing and New York, collaborating with the NY Harmony Holdings agency.

In 2017 she became part of the Bloc Agency artistic staff, after having participate to last year Bloc Audition during AC2017.

We think she is the best example for you all so we decided to have her as Teacher for the second part of the Audition!

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04 / 05 Jan 2018


Bloc Audition 2018 powered by PJD

IALS - Rome