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Dolores Parisi was born and raised in Bergamo, Italy. She moved to New York, where she gratuated with great results  (obtaining the diploma as the best student) at Broadway Dance Center.
In the United States she has participated as a performer and choreographer in music videos, shows and tours with artists such as: Diane Birch, Marina Star, Jline, Kent Odessa and Robbie Rosen from American Idol

She also became a dancer for the Princess Lockeroo Dance Company

While she moved to New York she found the culture of VOGUING and she started traing with the House of Ninja and in 2013, Benny Ninja asked her to join the house.

Dolores is the Father Of The House Of Ninja Italian Chapter and Pioneer of the Italian Ballroom scene.

She won several Vogue Balls as Freestyler in Womens Vogue, Vogue Femme and Runway Categories; she judged many competition in Italy, London, Los Angeles and Mexico.

She began her career as teacher and choreographer at the age of 17, and she had taught classes in Los Angeles at Debbie Reynolds Studios and Movement Lifestyle. She is the creator of the Kiki House of U Betta and the U Betta Work Crew.

She Continues her artistic journey working between the US and Italy spreading the culture of  Voguing.